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Having the full knowledge of the fact that students are precious gems in our hand, the entire school is divided into four houses namely Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald, led and disciplined under the guidance of House Captain, House Mistress and House Master.


Home away from home GVNS houses students (both boys & girls) whose parents are away. GVNS provides loving and caring atmosphere for the hostel inmates. The living rooms are well ventilated and are equipped with study table racks, cupboards, attached bathroom, toilet and all other essential amenities. Students have the privilege of living comfortably in independent rooms with just four companions. The teachers residing in the hostel are available to the students round the clock.


The school has a common kitchen with steam cooking where hygienically prepared well-balanced and nutritious food being served to the students. The food served is both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Egg, Milk ,Fruits and Salads form a part of regular diet. A detailed menu is planned for balanced diet.