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Evaluation Process

The evaluation at GVNS is objective. The achievements of the students are recorded in both scholastic and non-scholastic areas. In the scholastic category, children undergo monthly unit tests, slip tests, Trimester examinations and at least two preparatory examinations before the annual examinations. Grades are awarded in non-core subjects such as SUPW, Art, Crafts, Computer Science and Dheenyath and Moral Education.

Academic Co-Curricular

  • Monthly Unit tests
  • Slip Tests
  • Semester Examination
  • Three Preparatory Examinations ( for Board Batch Students only)
  • Music
  • Arts and Craft
  • Computer Science
  • Deeniyat and Moral Education

Internal assessment

Internal assessment is based on the performance in projects, seminars and assignments. The marks obtained in the tests, internal assessment will be put together and considered for declaration of the classes and promotion to the next class.

Special emphasis is given at Green Valley to develop the children’s communication skills in English The Linguaphone at English Lab is a special attraction for all those who want to master English language.

3 Stage Analysis

The academic year is divided into 2 key stages and the students reports are prepared on Semester basis:
Comprehensive assessment profile of your child for the year.

Generally scholastic and non scholastic performance for the student is discussed with parent in the presence of the students. After every unit test and Semester examination parents are called for the parent teacher meet.

Staff-Students Ratio

The school attempts to provide as much personal attention as possible to the students. To facilitate this purpose, the staff student ratio is maintained at 1:18.

Slip Tests

Slip Tests have proved to be useful for students with poor writing skills and spelling mistakes. Subject teachers in the respective classes in addition to the Unit Tests prepare students for Tests and Examinations by conducting Slip Tests.

Hostel Warden/Matron take interest in the student’s academics during study hours to help students to improve on their writing skills and understand the subject contents.


These tests provide opportunities for low achievers to improve on their results. Retests have proved useful besides pepping the confidence of the students.