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The Green Valley National School Library has a very good collection of both primary and secondary sources. It is the hub of all the activities of the school.

The Books are acquired on the basis of recommendation by faculty member and user’s suggestions. The range of subjects acquired Science Mathematics Geography Computer Science, English, Kannada Hindi, History & Civics, General Knowledge, Story books etc.

Total no. of books acquired in the library is 2370, worth over Rs.1, 21,732 and we have a collection of Audio/visual cassettes. The seating capacity of Library is 100

  • Reference Collection: This includes the Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Year books etc.
  • Periodical collection: We subscribe the important national magazines and journals and also subscribe multiple copies of al the leading English and Kannada Newspapers.
  • Library Services: The Library has introduced the following services for staff and students.

Reservation of Books: When students find difficulty in getting particular book in the library, they are directed to get such books reserved. If any particular book is in demand the issue of the same will be restricted for 2 days.

Newspaper clipping services: Clipping s related to Education, Tourism, Science & Technology, Health, Computer etc. are maintained and are arranged in a chronological order.

Advertisement/ Admission File: Admission notices related to various courses appearing in Newspapers are cut and pasted and a file is maintained for the purpose.

Library is computerized.

Every day Scholastic Book Review is a main feature of GVNS Library.

GVNS Library plays a significant role in developing the reading habit amongst our children, an area of great emphasis in our school.