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All students of Green Valley National School should abide by the rules and regulations of the school and respect the traditions and uphold the prestige of the school at all times.

1) Attire and Appearance: The school expects from all of its pupils, strict adherence to the school uniform and the highest possible standards of good / decent appearance.

Uniform: Uniforms should be clean and well pressed. Belt should be worn with the trousers. No graffiti is permitted on clothing or school bags. Activity uniformcode also should be fully followed.

Foot wear: Rubber soled black shoes and socks. No fancy shoes are allowed.

Hair: Hair should be kept trimmed, neat and of even length, brushed / combed well. Hair should not be coloured / dyed nor be tied or cut with ridges. All students are to be clean-shaven. Grls too should take care of appropriate hair do.

Jewellery: Students may wear a simple wrist-watch from Grade 6 upwards but they should not wear any other form of jewellery, wrist-band etc.

2) Attendance: I. (a) All 1st Session students must be in school before 08.15am. All Primary Class students must be in school before 08.40am.

(b) No student is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours, except with prior permission from the Principal. Written request from the parents / guardian for leave during the day due to special circumstances must be presented to the Class Teacher / Principal in the School Diary.

(c) Students Should Not Be Absent Except In Case Of Illness. An excuse letter written by parent / guardian must be submitted on the day of return, to the class – teacher when absent from school. In case of long absences (3 days or more) the parent / guardian should notify the school by a written note addressed to the Principal. If the child had been sick, a medical certificate should be produced.

(d) Request for long term absence due to acceptable reasons should be submitted in writing and discussed with the Principal and written approval should be obtained before proceeding on leave.

(e) Continuance absence without any valid reason or absence for more than 3 months will automatically trigger termination of admission in the school.

II. Late Comers: (a) The class teacher marks the attendance register before the beginning of the first period.

(b) The names of the late comers will be noted with the reason for being late. The class teacher will mark their attendance in the register. The student’s who are very late will be reprimanded and parents / guardian will be notified.

(c) Those who are frequently late will be reprimanded and parents / guardian will be notified.

III. Student illness: (a) If a student is too ill to remain in the school, the parent / guardian will be notified. (b) If a student is suffering from a communicable disease he/she must not come to school unless / until he/she has recovered fully. A medical certificate should be produced when returning to the school.

IV. Check – List: The class – teachers will check the following during the first few minutes (before the beginning of the first period).

(a) Lining –up of students for the assembly. (b) Uniform and appearance. (c) Tidiness of the class room. (d) Observance of silence during the assembly. (e) Marking of the attendance register.

3) Food and Drinks: 1. Day Scholar Students are advised to bring their own food / snack and drinks, (if they want any) from home, especially drinking water or use the canteen facilities/Mess in the afternoon.

2. Food / snacks should be consumed only during the break.

3. All litter must be disposed of in the litter-bins. The school premises and the class rooms should not be littered.

4. Bubble gum / chewing gum etc. is strictly prohibited in the school.

4) Prohibited Material: Students are not permitted to bring material that could affect the discipline, cultural and traditional values, moral norms etc, of the school / society. These include:

a) Obscene literature, video tapes, CD’s, floppies etc. b) All types of equipment that could be used in violence. c) Cigarettes, drugs, intoxications etc. d) Toys, radios, cameras, cassette players, hand-phones and pagers etc. e) Any item to be sold to the school.

5) Environment / Property / Furniture & Equipment: Students should keep the environment in the class-room as well as the school compound neat and clean. The desks and chairs, floor and walls inside and outside should be kept clean. All school furniture / equipment / property, should be used with maximum care and no damage should be done to them. Defacing and damaging them will be treated as serious offence. Students should refrain from all forms of vandalism. They should show an interest and concern for the school and its property, which all belong to them. If each student sets an example of helping and caring, others will follow. School pride is contagious. You can catch it to a friend.

Telephone: Students can use the office phone at the entrance/reception in case of emergency. The office phones are for the use of office staff. Therefore do not seek permission to use office phones unless it is an emergency.

6) Behaviour / Discipline

*All Muslim students are expected and encouraged to perform the prayers during the prescribed times.

*Responsible and considerate behavior and commitment to high standards of behavior is strictly expected from all pupils at all times. Physical or verbal abuse / threat, fighting, harassing and intimidating others are prohibited.

* Students are expected to co-operate with the school authorities. Not submitting to the authority, being disobedient, using abusive or disrespectful language or action towards any staff member is a serious offence.

* In the event of any breach of discipline by a student or a group of students, the school authority may decide to detain them until the matter is dealt with satisfactorily.

Discipline: (a) In class rooms:

1. All students must pay attention to the class teacher and the subject teachers always.

2. Silence must be maintained even in the absence of a teacher in the class.

3. Students should not leave the class-room without a valid reason and permission from the subject teacher. 4. Students must be in class for all lessons well in advance.

(b) In the school compound : 1. Students are allowed to play in the school compound only under the supervision of a teacher.

2. They should refrain from playing with any material / equipment which may cause injury to other children or damage to any property.

3. Any sports material / equipment or school property damaged by a student should be replaced or paid for by him.

(c) In the Library: 1. Absolute silence should be maintained at all times.

2. Any printed books from outside should not be brought into the library.

3. No books or material should be taken out of the library without the permission of the librarian.

(d) In the Laboratories: 1. Unnecessary walking about and talking should be avoided.

2. All equipment and chemicals should be handled and used with maximum care and only with the permission of the teacher in charge.

3. Lab safety rules should be checked with your teacher and it should be always followed.

(e) In the toilet: 1. Toilets should be flushed and kept clean after use having concern about the convenience of the others in mind.

2. Students should refrain from going to the toilets while lessons are in progress unless it is very urgent.

3. Defacing or damaging the doors and the walls of the toilets, (vandalism), is a serious offence and will be strictly dealth with and the student involved will be fined and disciplinary action taken..

(f) Any where in the school premises: 1. Running and shouting in and out of the class room or school buildings is strictly prohibited.

2. Students should not litter around the school premises.

3. Use of indecent / foul or abusive language and fighting will be treated as serious offences.

4. Students should associate with each other with mutual respect and understanding.

5. Unacceptable, unethical association / relationships among the students will not be tolerated.

6. All members of academic, administrative and minor staff should be treated with due respect by the students.

7. Disobedience or disregard towards any member or the staff will be treated as a serious offence.

(g) Outside the school / In the Society: The behaviour and the activities of our students inside or outside the school / in the society in no way mar / tarnish the good name and image of the school.

7) Discipline Policy: (a) Type A – Offences: Dealt with and action taken by Subject Teacher / Class teacher or Chief Coordinator / Vice Principal.

I. Arriving late in the classroom.

II. Non adherence to the uniform and appearance.

III. Littering classroom, library or anywhere in the school premises.

IV. Misbehaving in the class or outside.

V. Not doing homework.

VI. Disturbing the other students during lesions.

VII. Disobeying prefects and the class monitors.

VIII. Not bringing an excuse letter following absence from school.

IX. Any other offence of a similar nature.

(b) Type B – Offences (Serious Offences) Dealt with and action taken by Chief Coordinator, Vice Principal or Principal.

I. Repeated offences (3 times or more) from the Type “A” list.

II. Indecent behaviour / Use of foul language.

III. Disobeying the class teacher / subject teacher or any other teacher / staff-member.

IV. Unexcused absence from lessons or class

V. Unexcused absence from school (3 or more days duration)

VI. Defacing / damaging school books, school furniture / property etc.

VII. Any complaint from a prefect or teacher.

VIII. Any other offence of a similar nature.

(c) Type C-Offences (Very Serious Offences): Dealt with and action taken by Chief Coordinator, Vice Principal or Principal or the Discipline committee constituted by the Principal.

I. Repeated offences from the Type “A” and “B” lists.

II. Violence against fellow students or staff, fighting / gang fighting.

III. Unacceptable relationships among students.

IV. Defiance of the school traditions, rules and regulations.

V. Smoking, theft, violence, use drugs / alcohol etc.

VI. Challenging social, religious, cultural, or national traditions / values.

VII. Bringing outsiders / strangers to the school premises.

VIII. Damaging school property / equipment or defacing school walls / property, (vandalism)

. IX. Any other offence of a similar nature A student can be removed from the school if the Principal or the Discipline Committee constituted by the Principal feel that the student has failed to accept the discipline of the School or his/her continued presence is detrimental to the interest of other students and becomes a misfit in the school.


Hostel Rules and Regulations

Dear Parents, Greetings from Green Valley National School and PU College. As far as Hostel Students are concerned, we look forward to a wonderful time for effective learning and success for our students. To ensure smooth academic work and to maintain discipline on campus, students you are requested to adhere to the following rules and regulations. .

  1. We appreciate if parents don’t send their unauthorized friends or relatives to the school to meet their wards without permission.
  2. Parents / Guardians can meet their wards only in case of emergency, obtaining permission from the Principal. No permission will be given to meet any other child except their wards.
  3. No leave or permission will be granted on any occasion such as marriage, festival house warming etc., during the academic year as it interrupts students work in the school. Request for any Special permission should be applied in writing to the Principal.
  4. Parents can visit children on Sundays and are strictly warned against bringing tuck for their children in the school. Feeding your ward on the campus with food brought from outside is strictly prohibited.
  5. No eatables / money are to be kept in the room / dormitory / changing room.
  6. The school celebrates birthdays of all students in the school. Parents are not permitted to send gift articles for birthday or for any other occasion
  7. Parents are allowed to visit their ward’s room on the reopening day only. Afterwards they are advised not to go to any room.
  8. Students have to report back to school on the date and time specified in the calendar failing which you will be fined and would cause disciplinary action.
  9. Students are not allowed to wear any costly jewellery on them or keep any costly articles with them. The school does not take responsibility in case they lost such items.
  10. The school gives good medical attention to all students. In case of minor ailments, parents are not informed. The school reserves the right to take decisions with regard to emergency medical situation. In case of serious illness or complication, parents are informed and they required to visit the school immediately.
  11. We appreciate parents if they check their ward’s baggage before dropping them to school to avoid getting objectionable things to the campus.
  12. Parents should monitor their children so that they don’t carry undesirable things like eatables, money, gifts objectionable magazines, mobile phones and CD’s etc. to the school.
  13. Every student can phone every Saturday and Sunday to their parents.
  14. Parents are advised not to make calls directly to their wards through any other channel. However, they may leave a telephone message for their wards with the school office which will be passed on to them or call back if required.
  15. The school reserves the right to modify any of the rules and regulations and it reserves the right to ask parents to withdraw their wards for any act of indiscipline without assigning any reasons.
  16. The school store provides all the basic items and all stationery items. Canteen Facility also is available in the school. Students may mention the articles needed in the requisition slip and get it duly signed by the parent teachers, However, parents are requested to advice them to buy thing only in case of dire necessity, to avoid careless handling of things and wastage. You are requested to inform the office about the limit you have imposed on your ward on PDA. If PDA gets exhausted, there will be no PDA provision for the student till money is deposited. You are advised not to send any parcels to the school.
  17. It is advisable to label all the items, brought by the students with their name, initials or register numbers. It would be better to get them stitched since number written with marker pens fade out soon.
  18. Students are not allowed to bring any objectionable magazines, CD’s books or mobile phones into the hostel.
  19. All students should converse only in English in the school premises, in order to acquire greater skill in the use of the language.
  20. Students are expected to have regular haircut in the school salon.
  21. Lending and borrowing of things from one another is strictly prohibited. Any students found to have taken other student’s belongings will face automatic suspension.
  22. Boarders are not allowed to get into other student’s room at any point of time during their stay in the hostel. Gossiping in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  23. Students are not allowed to bring electrical gadgets, except a small iron box (with permission). However, this should be brought to the notice of the parents teacher / warden, when brought and should be kept with them when not used.
  24. Students are not permitted to keep cell phones with them. If found it would be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken immediately. We appreciate if parents / visitors do not use their cell phones in the school campus
  25. Participation in morning exercise, games and sports are compulsory except on medical grounds or on doctor’s advice.
  26. Students are not permitted to bring and use medicines on their own. They are warned against self-medication. In case of illness they can approach the resident nurse or resident teachers available round the clock.
  27. Parents are required to pay the School Fee on or before the last date mentioned in the calendar (30th April 1st Installment, 30th August 2nd Installment and 30th December 3rd Installment). Afterwards a fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged for the next 10 days on defaulters. If still not paid, the name will be deleted from the rolls, without any further notice.

We look forward to your cooperation and support in making this academic year a fruitful one.

Thanks and regards.