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Special Feature

Parent Teachers

A teacher's role should not end with a concern towards completion of the school syllabus. This unique scheme has brought an excellent rapport between students and their teachers. A group of students are assigned a teacher in the role of a guardian to take care of their emotional and personal needs. The parent teachers monitor, record and stimulate the performance and attitudes of the students on the one hand and the children have someone responsible that they can always relate to and confide in on the other.

To help children and enhance their performance in the 10th Standard, they are formed into small groups of 4 –5 children. An academic guide who monitors their academic progress on a day-to-day basis looks after each of these groups. In addition, the teachers take care in the planning and supervision of extra-curricular activities.

Remedial Classes

These classes offer additional opportunities for students lagging behind in academics. Depending on their pace of learning, they are categorized into groups. Concerned subject teachers guide the students who need assistance in the academic block while the rest of the students are given additional coaching in their halls of residence.

Supervised Study

Subject teachers have been bestowed with additional responsibility of regulating and monitoring the student’s class assignments and homework. Non-core subject teachers are always on hand to help the subject teachers.

Study Hours

Adequate time has been allotted for studies in the hostel. On an average students get 4 hours of serious study time at hostel. The students take their studies seriously and staff supervise their studies. Its a wonderful sight to see them sitting with books during the stipulated hours.